FS Limited – Multi Crew (Aerosoft CRJ) MSFS

Mocht je nog van een uitdaging houden en je bent al wel bekend met het vliegen in de CRJ van Aerosoft, dan heeft FS Limited / FS Simulations nog een leuke uitbreiding voor je. Nu met de hulp van een Co-pilot naast je. Zowel de keuze voor voice control of button control.

Deze ‘uitbreiding’ is verkrijgbaar via simMarket, ook voor meer info.

For use with either via voice control or button control. No need to speak English at all for button control. Anyone can use this product

  • Very easy setup
  • 90% of switches have a bunch of speech commands you could use to instruct co-pilot to set it directly
  • Copilot will dial everything. FCU SPD, HDG, ALT, VS, Squawk code in addition to controlling 90% of switches
  • Has a sleek user interface that can be mimimized to a very narrow band or completely hidden.
  • 10 massive human recorded co-pilot voice packs available
  • Has a multi-lingual user interface switchable between English and any of these languages: Geram, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Tens of thousands of built-in speech commands for your convenience.
  • The only voice control on the market that lets you create custom speech commands in ANY language and teach your co-pilot to understand what you meant for near natural speech operation.
  • Has complete integration with Simbrief that will provide some assistance
  • You can also talk ATC jargon with MSFS Native ATC or PF3 ATC.
  • Can be used in VR, as you don’t need to stare at the user interface when flying. Just assign a few of joystick buttons.(you need to familiarize yourself with the app first before diving into VR).

You don’t need to use the product as in the video. Each user can set the crew experience as he sees fit. Can have chatty flows as in the video, or done silently.

The product lets you decide who does what in terms of task sharing.

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