Airworthy Designs – The island of Saint Barthelemy (TFFJ) MSFS

Dit is wel een heel mooie en complete scenery van Airworthy Designs. Het hele eiland Saint Barthelemy heeft deze developer gemaakt, inclusief het vliegveld (TFFJ) uiteraard. En dit met hulp van de lokale bewoners. Vele YouTube video’s zijn er wel te zien van de spectaculaire approach. En ook u kunt deze approach nu vliegen, deze scenery is verkrijgbaar via simMarket.


  • whole island modeled! The port of gustavia , the industrial zone and residential areas are all there
  • Correct mesh modeling: The default mesh for the area was incorrectly modeled making the final approach geometry completely off compared the the real approach, we have paid extra attention to this so that it matches the real thing as much as possible given the limitations of mesh resolution for the area
  • Full terminal modeling: both interior and exteriors have been recreated to the minute of detail
  • Night Lighting
  • Dynamic flag animations
  • Fps friendly (extensive use of LODs have been used and smart reuse of video memory assets allows for high refresh rates while maintaining high levels of detail)
  • Correct apron layout and markings (up to 2022 publications)
  • AI compatible
Update v1.1
  • Windsocks fixed
  • apron lines improved
  • parking markings improved
  • increased the number of available parkings
  • helipads added
  • Service vehicles added
  • added minor details to the terminal
Note on 3d people:
we are currently working on implementing dynamic animations for 3d people, this will be the main focus of our next content update but due to the complexity of the required work the release of this patch will take a while

En kijk dan ook nog zeker even naar deze scenery. (TNCM)

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