FS2Crew Press Release – PMDG 737 MSFS

Nu nog niet, maar er wordt hard aangewerkt. Laat Bryan van FS2Crew ons weten. De ondersteuning van FS2Crew voor de PMDG 737. Lees er meer over hier:

Press Release

PMDG 737 MSFS drivers, please note that FS2Crew’s highly anticipated PMDG 737 Edition for MSFS is wrapping up internal testing and about to enter a wider beta using primarily real-world 737 pilots.  FS2Crew expects the beta process to be relatively short.  We can’t give an exact date, but we’re hoping to release it within a couple weeks.  Key word – hoping!

FS2Crew for the MSFS PMDG 737 will feature human voice sets and allow users to simulate professional multi crew style flying using voice or button control, with an emphasis on 737 specific checklists, flows and crew interactions.  We are working to port the huge number of user options we had in the FSX/P3D versions of FS2Crew 737 into MSFS.  Emergency NGX, however, will come later.

(Note: In the last FS2Crew release for the Fenix we experimented with Azure Synthetic voices, but our user base rebelled against them so human recorded voices will be in the initial 737 release.  Sorry about that, guys, we learned our lesson!)

The first release of FS2Crew for the PMDG 737 includes SOP 1: stock Boeing procedures.  Subsequent SOPs will be released at later dates.

FS2Crew also reminds its users to check the FS2Crew Product Manager to ensure they have the latest FS2Crew versions for Pushback Express, the Aerosoft CRJ, the Leonardo Maddog, the Fenix Airbus and the FBW A32NX.

FS2Crew also reminds its users to join our Discord Channel as it has evolved into our primary means of communication compared to traditional forums.


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