Fenix Simulations A320 – Update v1.0.4.134

Voor deze Fenix Airbus A320 is er een update. Via de Fenix App is deze eenvoudig te updaten en anders via je account FenixSim.com.


  • Adjusted custom low speed friction model to be slightly more fluid
  • Fixed incorrect air/ground mix factor causing irrecoverable nose down elevator after a bounced landing
  • Removed alpha-buffer pseudo-prot, causing issues with flare authority in certain conditions


  • Adjusted spoiler efficacy
  • Improved suspension geometry and setup to reduce bouncing, absorbing more energy on touchdown and subsequently sitting lower on the ground
  • Added lift dumping to spoilers so the aircraft is more stable after touchdown in a crosswind
  • Improved aircraft’s crosswind and weathervaning characteristics
  • Adjusted lateral tyre friction to prevent weight on wheels sideslip and/or unintended ice skating
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