ToLiSS – A319 & A321 Update (X-Plane)

Voor de A319 en de A321 van ToLiss zijn weer een behoorlijk aantal bug fixes uitgekomen.

We have published a bug fix update for both the A319 and A321 to address the issues that you guys found in the first week of releasing the aircraft XP11/XP12 packages. It is lots of small and some bigger fixes to make the aircraft run really nice and smooth. Get it now via the Skunkcrafts updater!

Here is the detailled changelog:

Minor new features:
  • VLS increase due to speed brakes is now inhibited when SEC 1 is failed. (No speed brake information to FAC)
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed animation for right rudder pedal
  • Fixed Dome lighting effect
  • Corrected the Beacon light ON position
  • Brought rudder trim knob animation back
  • Removed grey frames around the display unit screens
  • Corrected the mouse drag axis for spoiler lever, flap lever and engine levers
  • Corrected left FCU light knob orientation
  •  Fixed upper beacon position (A319 only)
  •  Fixed standby compass lighting
  • Removed the ECON FLOW ON light on A321 configuration with pack flow selector (A321 only)
  • DDRMI is now hidden again when flying a NEO (A321 only)
  • Removed the invisible line in the Avitab that triggers diverse cockpit switches
  • Updated SASL version to address crashes and performance issues on OS X and Linux
  • Reworked Audio Control Panels as a whole
  • Adjusted cockpit door opening animation
  • Improved interaction with FCU when not in VR
  • Refuelling through IACP now requests fuel amount in lbs when using imperial units
  • Removed the spurious ACT XFR FAULT message during slow refuelling on the ground (A321 only)
  • Fixed the MLW shown in the EFB (A319 only)
  • Fixed internal/external sound override function
  • Made Anti Ice work in XP12 also
  • VLS increase due to speedbrakes does not affect green dot speed anymore
  • Fixed particle effects when engines are off
  • Removed the spurious N/W STRG FAULT message when starting the engines during pushback
  • Fixed elevator behaviour after landing
  • Improved reverser response time after touch-down
  • Fixed frequency selection in RMP (prevent it from jumping multiple steps at once)
  • Adapted altimeter readings to new XP12 atmospheric model
  • Retuned FBW pitch law for XP12
  • Improved A/THR speed hold parameters to reduce thrust oscillations in gusty conditions

Enjoy the new version!

Kennis van
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