FSDreamTeam’s GSX Pro – Update

FSDreamTeam maakt bekend dat er een update is voor hun GSX Pro utility.

  • GSX Pro NEW: Menu system changed; Auto-close function has been removed.
  • GSX Pro NEW: It’s now possible to use a Hot key (Ctrl+Shift+F12 by default, can be configured) to call the menu if the Toolbar icon is Active.
  • GSX Pro NEW: Updated manual to explain how the menu behavior changed and how to configure the Hotkey. Fixed the PMDG 737 refueling example.


  • GSX Pro Fix: Menu options keys 0-9 no longer activate with Ctrl/Shift/Alt modifiers, causing services starting when changing cockpit views with the menu open.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Passengers created in Air when Boarding at Gates with Jetways starting inside Terminals with solid Roofs.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Error when Reloading SimBrief if the wrong username was used or there was no flight plan available online.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Error happening when returning to the Main Menu if Passengers were still being generated.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Service Doors not closing automatically at the end of Catering service.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Refueling stuck when closing menu before service.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Error when listing nearby airports if the airport cache wasn’t ready.


  • GSX Pro NEW: Added new Handling operators: Iran Air, Iraqi Airways and Al-Burhan.
  • GSX Pro NEW: Added new Jetway logos for some Japanese Banks.
  • GSX Pro NEW: Parking Spots with an empty Parking Name in the airport .BGL are now displayed as “Ramp”.


  • GSX (FSX/P3D): Fixed Marshaller/VGDS Fonts appearing at the wrong altitude.
  • FSDT Installer NEW: When downloading unencrypted airport files for FSDT sceneries bought on the Marketplace, their GSX profile will be downloaded as well.
  • FSDT Installer NEW: Fixed a problem with Danish locale, resulting in activation keys starting with “AA” not being recognized correctly.
  • FSDT Installer NEW: Fixed an error that could happen when clearing the temporary internet files cache before downloading files.
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