Plan-G v4.0.1 (Build 262)

Even een kort en krachtig news item. De software Plan-G zit inmiddels op versie v4.0.1.262 (Build 262). Hier meer info en de download link.

v4.0.1 (Build 262)

  • Fixed text overlap on Range Rings ribbon
  • Added “Show Extended Centrelines” option to the Flight Plan context menu (for airport waypoints)
    If multiple airports are highlighted in the plan, all selected airports will show extended runways.
  • Added alert on startup if the active nav database does not have the current schema
  • Add code page support for Windows 1252
  • Database build errors now include the path to the log file
  • Fixed move intermediate waypoint in edit mode did not update the flight plan correctly
  • Added more logging during startup
  • Fixed unhandled airport subrecord errors introduced by the last MSFS update
  • AirspaceInBounds now logs the current zoom level
  • Partial fix: Changing Windows colour profile away from defaults can cause the program to crash at various points
    (Recommend only use the default IEC61966-2.1 profile)
  • Added import v3 (xml) aircraft profiles
  • Added folder column to airports table (for addon checking). Note: Rebuild databases!
  • Added ability to specify the MSFS LocPak for data localisation
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