AivlaSoft – Electronic Flight Bag v2.3 #134

En een update van deze navigatie software “AivlaSoft” naar versie v2.3 #134.


  1. Procedures: FM/VM-Leg depiction improved
  2. Procedures: ‘ALT between’ values right aligned
  3. Long procedure names are recognized as a valid element in ATS route (e.g. when downloading a FPL from SimBrief using the built-in download function in EFB)
  4. Named Taxiways function slightly improved (see also this post:
  5. Splash screen is now no longer displayed again after pressing ‘Hide’.
  6. Scanning BGL-files logic improved. If you are using a BGL-file based database like for P3D, or MSFS you might want to rebuild the database using the DbBuilder function ‘Update Simulator’.

Bug fixes:

  1. DbBuilder allows to create a database which already exists. A ‘database’ in this regard means a combination of ‘simulator + navdata’ (e.g. ‘MSFS + Navigraph’, or ‘P3D + Aerosoft’). For details please see the manual ‘4 EN Database.pdf’.
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