Project Coastline Italy v2.0.9 (MSFS)

Deze software is bijgewerkt naar versie 2.0.9. Nu geheel compatible met de World update IX. Project Coastline Italy.

Hello guys and girls! After days of almost uninterrupted work, I finally managed to make Project Coastline Italy v. 2.0.9, 100% compatible with the WU9 and more…
So without any further ado, here are all the changes made:
  • all areas that had been improved with the addition of rocks have been retouched. Some areas, reviewing them, did not convince me and have been completely removed
  • to stay on the subject of the previous point, the rocks that had been placed on Monte Tavolara and Capo Gallo (which is a mess), have been removed. However, the vegetation biome has been changed from “trees” to “bushes”, making them closer to reality
  • the vegetation of the Olbia area has been changed from “trees” to “bushes”, and the excess vegetation on the coast has been removed
  • the coast of the Trabocchi has been improved by adding the model used by Asobo, Le Morge, where the rest of the trabocchi are in reality. The coast was enriched with rocks and rocks while the sea was populated with boats and ships. Two new landmarks have been added to limit the area on the global map
  • in Turin, the beaches of the Po river are now visible, and crowds of people have been added both in Piazza Madama and in Piazza Della Repubblica
  • in Ancona, the vegetation in the port area has been removed
  • in Genoa, the Biosphere of the aquarium is now visible
  • the vegetation of Faro di Capo di Caccia (a new POI Asobo) has been changed from “trees” to “bushes” and boats have been added to the area
  • boats have been added in the area of ​​the Palombaro cave
  • boats have been added to both Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. Boats will also be added to the Garda lake in the next update
  • around Isola Bella (a new POI) other boats have been added
  • the boats added by Asobo in Venice have been removed, so as to have only the gondolas. At the Lido of Venice the waves breakers are now visible.
  • Pompei has been cleared of vegetation, like the rest of the new coast of Naples
  • the Po delta was improved by re-emerging the beaches that were covered by water
  • many self-generated buildings on Italian beaches have been removed
  • vegetation has been improved in various areas along the coast (work in progress)
  • minor fixes here and there.
Italy DEM is no longer recommended while coastline glitch fix you can use it, but I no longer recommend it because unfortunately, it flattens too many things, including some small islands.
You can find some water masks between Olbia and the Maddalena Island, which will be improved in the next update, in the north of Sardinia.Β I hope the update will make you happy and if you can when you take screenshots or videos and post them on social media, try to always use the add-on if you can.
And please guys, leave a review πŸ™
Thanks a lot and enjoy.
Kennis van
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