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Via de website van “Flight Simulation Association” is er a.s. zondag op 9 januari een webinar te volgen over het aansluiten van nog meer hardware voor je flightsimulator. Zoals ik het nu zie, gericht op diverse hardware instrumenten. Voor cockpit bouwers zeker een aanrader. Sluit alles maar eens netjes aan via USB en dat het dan ook allemaal met elkaar praat en werkt. Ron Sartore zal daar meer over vertellen. Meer info en inschrijving via deze link.

You’ve purchased your yoke, pedals, a panel. Now that everything is out of the box, you’re connecting a myriad of USB cords to your PC and hoping they’ll all work!

With so many add-ons available, how do you get everything to “play nicely” together in your home setup? With more than 50 years in computing and a career spanning mainframe design, PC motherboard design, and semiconductors, Altimeter Motives’ Ron Sartore will walk through the challenges of integrating numerous vendor products into your home simulator.

1. Problem statement: compatibility, interoperability, connections, and bringing it all together.
2. Obstacles.
3. Temporary solutions and long-term suggestions.
4. What vendors can do to help.
5. Live questions and answers.

Presenter Bio:
Holding 39 career patents over a 50+ year career in computing, Ron Sartore is the CEO of Altimeter Motives, LLC. From designing the world’s first talking slot machine (Blackjack and Draw Poker) in the 1980s to providing USB interface chip on Apple’s first iPod in the late 1990s, Ron is an inventive entrepreneur with a track record of founding successful high-tech startups. Although still a “techie”, Ron is also well-grounded as a business development professional possessing a knack for identifying emerging markets and imminent disruptive technologies. Ron holds a BSEE Purdue in Electrical Engineering with graduate courses in computers.

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