FlightSim Community Survey 2021 by Navigraph

De jaarlijkse Flightsim Community Survey 2021 is weer online geplaatst door Navigraph. Via deze link kunt u ook hier aan meedoen. U mening telt zeker mee !

Deze enquête is door de grote flightsim developers samengesteld en hierdoor krijgen zij een beeld of ze op de goede weg zijn en welke trends er zoal spelen binnen de Flightsimmers. Deze enquête is geheel anoniem en er zal geen persoonlijke gegevens opgeslagen worden.

Deze enquête kan tot maandag 6 december worden ingevuld.

Some time after the 17th of December the results will be presented on, but also by the partners participating to this survey (to the extent they wish to do so).

Just like previous years we are excited to see what has happened in the past 12 months. Has the popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 continued to grow? Are there any notable differences between pilots on desktop and console after the release of MS2020 on Xbox? How is the anticipation of the upcoming X-Plane 12? Has disruptions in logistics affected the consumption of flight simulation hardware?

The survey will take between 20-30 minutes to complete. You can take breaks if you want and resume your session, but most people do it in one go. This year we are back to 93 questions again, compared to last year’s 119. The reasoning is that some questions do not need to be revisited every year to establish the trend. If you want to compare with previous years, you can find the 2018 survey here, 2019 here and 2020 here.

This year the survey will be more influential than ever! The number of partners has grown from 30 to 42 this year. More developers, companies and organizations than ever will receive your feedback and insights through this survey.

The companies, organizations, developers and media outlet who have contributed to this year’s survey with questions and/or distribution of the survey are:

  • Aerosoft
  • Carenado
  • Digital Flight Dynamics
  • Drzewiecki Design
  • Fenix
  • Flight1
  • FlightGear
  • FlightSimLabs
  • Fly By Wire
  • FSElite
  • FSExpo
  • FSMagazin
  • FSNews
  • Gaya Simulations
  • GeoFS
  • Honeycomb
  • Infinite Flight
  • IVAO
  • Laminar Research
  • Little Navmap
  • Meteonautics
  • MilViz
  • Navigraph *
  • ORBX
  • PC Pilot
  • Pinpoint Simulations
  • PMS50
  • ProSim
  • RealSimGear
  • REX
  • Salty Simulations
  • Sim4Flight
  • SimFlight
  • Synaptic Simulations
  • TFDi

*) Navigraph coordinates the partners, funds the data collection, analyses the responses, and authors the report document.

As usual, taking the survey is completely anonymous – no emails or any other personally identifiable information is collected from you. Nor do we redirect you to any sponsoring landing page or similar. Furthermore, when we share the results of the survey with the community, we present the data in aggregated form.

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