FS2Crew – Public Beta Pushback Express Update MSFS

Voor diegene die gebruik maken van de FS2Crew software “Pushback Express”, er is een publieke beta beschikbaar in het forum. Hieronder wat meer info daarover:


Major changes include:

  • Virtual Reality support (MSFS ToolBar Integration).  Functions like VOICE ASSIST, etc, can now be run directly inside the MSFS Toolbar via the FS2Crew Command Center.
  • If using DISTANCE PUSHBACK MODE, users now place a visual flag (a Marshaller model) on the target taxiway location to help the tug automatically pushback the aircraft to the taxiway.  It’s not 100 percent automatic, though, users will still need to enter an offset value for their aircraft), but it’s much better than the old system.

Pushback Express is a professional pushback utility for MSFS that allows users to interact with the tug using voice or button control.  It supports multiple languages – English, French, German and Spanish.

Pushback Express is available at simMarket.

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