Aerosoft – Antarctica Vol. 1 – British Rothera and Beyond

Dit is nog de video trailer van een nieuwe scenery waar Aerosoft binnenkort mee uit zou komen. Oeps… Deze scenery is zojuist al op de Flightsim markt uit gekomen. Nu al via Aerosoft en ook via uw account van simMarket. Het betreft ook weer een heel nieuw wereld deel om te ontdekken. Letterlijk en kijk ook even mee in de cockpit van de Twin Otter.

Rothera is without a doubt the station in Antarctica with the most picturesque location! Located on a rocky outcrop overlooked by a massive glacier dotted with mountains to the west – it is surrounded by sea to all other directions with a line of the truly majestic mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula visible to the east on clear days.

The runway is squeezed between base and hangar buildings to the left and right and sea water at both ends. In essence it’s a smaller version of Gibraltar, which is British, too. A stunning approach, a runway that’s crossed by a road with traffic lights and surrounded by water.To complete this add-on, we have added the very remote bases of Fossil Bluff and Sky Blu even further south. Together they make a perfect playground for the Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter!

A showcase scenery created by developers with more than 20 years of experience in MSFS development!

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