TDM Scenery Design – Santiago / Rosalia de Castro Airport (LEST) MSFS

Al zou je niet de route Santiago de Compostela willen lopen, dit vliegveld moet je zeker eens aanvliegen in MSFS. Mooi gelegen op een kleine heuvel c.q. verhoging en wat een details in de scenery is er verwerkt. Het Spaanse vliegveld Santiago / Rosalia de Castro Airport (LEST) voor in MSFS. En voor een zeer geschikt prijs nu te koop via simMarket.

In this version of LEST for MSFS you will find a faithful and very detailed recreation of the entire airport as well as a detailed hand-built 3D terrain to give more realism to the entire airport area.

Enjoy a realistic environment with highly detailed high-resolution textures, complicated and exciting flights thanks to the ever-changing weather in the area.

ATENTION: Due to problems with jetways animations version 1.0 has real but static jetways, the new SDK is expected to be available sometime in October, then we will proceed to release a free update where Jetways will be operational.

If you need technical support do not hesitate to contact us on our discord channel for almost immediate attention:

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