Flight Illusion instruments werken nu ook met MSFS

De meeste flightinstruments van Flight Illusion werken nu ook onder MSFS. Hiervoor hebben zij een samenwerking met Siminnovations. Bekend van hun Airmanager software. Hier zijn verschillende mogelijkheden voor om de instruments te laten werken. Er komt nog meer nieuws van het FlightIlusion team. Uiteraard houden wij dit in de gaten voor u.

Hieronder het persbericht:

  • The first way is to use the new G-STEP software developed by Siminnovations and the plugin from Siminovations. The plugins can be found on our website and are free of charge. This is a real no hassle solution. You hook up a gauge and you assign the function. However, the flexibility is limited, as there is no way to tweak or calibrate the gauges with this software.
  • The second way is to use Airmanager 4.0 from Siminnovations! This is possible, because our drivers were integrated in their software suite. Airmanager 4.0 is a pay software (Available for 65 EUR on their website www. https://www.siminnovations.com/buy) .  It will allow you full control of the gauges and modules.
  • The 3rdway is to continue to use the old version of our GSTEP software for Prepar3D / FSX in combination with FSUIPC-7.

The new software in available in the download section on flightillusion.com . The Airmanager suite can be bought at the Siminnovations website (www.siminnovations.com). Most of our products will work with both the new GSTEP version and Airmanager-4.0 now.

For the Force feedback yoke you still need the old GSTEP version. The yoke will work with MSFS-2020, but you’ll need the FSUIPC-7 solution with GSTEP for Prepar3D.

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