Aeroplane Heaven – Cessna 140 (MSFS) Update

Er komt voor de Cessna 140 van Aeroplane Heaven een mooie update. U kunt nu ook kiezen voor de water variant. Landen en take off via het water. De G1000 is vervangen voor een handzamer en eenvoudigere GNS430. Past ook meer bij dit type vliegtuig. Update binnenkort is verkrijgbaar via uw account van simMarket.

We are currently uploading a major update for the Cessna 140. ALL existing customers will download for free. New customers automatically get the upgrade as part of the package they purchase.
In response to owner feedback, we have removed the G1000 and replaced with a more compact GNS430 system.
The upgrade includes a float version. Please be advised that MSFS has yet to code water interactions and make proper floats available, so this one like all floatplanes so far is a workaround to allow you to fly from and land on water.
Here is the changelog:
  1. Model reconfigured to give choice of SPATS, NO SPATS or BUSHWHEELS selectable directly in the sim without the need for separate models.
  2. Floatplane Version added
  3. G1000 replaced with more compact, user friendly, optional avionics suite comprising:
    GNS 430 (GPS)
    GTX 328 Transponder
    S-Tec 55 Autopilot
  4. Numerous texture improvements
  5. Rain effect reversed to fall in the correct direction.
  6. Missing rear left quarter cabin structure textures replaced in all liveries
  7. Revised electrics code to allow for continuous alternator operation 😎 Revised engine code
  8. Revised fuel-burn

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