PMDG Douglas DC6 – Update

Vandaag een grote update voor de PMDG Douglas DC6. Via de Operations Center. Lees er meer over hier. of hieronder πŸ˜‰ .

[03JUL21] PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Update to Build 2.00.0028 released via Operations Center

This update is focused on some improvements to performance and enhancements in usability based upon feedback from users now that the product is in such wide operation.

The Highlights:

  • MSFS Time Acceleration Rate Awareness and Control: The sim’s acceleration rate is now displayed on the tablet’s Options page. This is really useful since MSFS doesn’t display that information for you anyplace that is actually useful. You can immediately go to 1:1 time with the tablet button, too, which is very useful.
  • Tablet click spot tweaks: We did some cleanup to help make the tablet click-spots a bit easier to find with the mouse.
  • Added hardware controls for beacon/strobes/nav (see notes below)
  • Performance improvements when realistic engine damage mode is selected ON.
  • Automated Flight Engineer tablet page completely overhauled to make it easier to use and easier to read in flight.
  • More LOD model refinements
  • Cabin model refinements

Change Log Items for this build:
0010048: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Removal of Small Polygon artifact on glareshield in VC (vscimone)
0010049: [Virtual Cockpit – Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] Layout on AFE page needs to be less cramped. (hvanrensburg)
0009992: [Sounds] Allow hardware control of position and beacon lights (cbpowell)
0010036: [External Model – Geometry] LOD behavior using Drone camera (jbrown)
0010032: [External Model – Geometry] Shorten texture path names to help get under the 260 character limit on paths for users with abusively long path-names (jbrown)
0010043: [Virtual Cockpit – Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] Add Simulation Rate indicator and reset button to Options page in tablet. (hvanrensburg)
0010044: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Display sim rate and allow user to immediately trigger 1:1 time (cbpowell)
0009962: [Documentation] Addition to Introduction document. (hvanrensburg)
0010038: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Sections of cockpit ceiling look flat in VR. (vscimone)
0010039: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Entry light housing in back room looks flat in VR (vscimone)
0010037: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Padding on walls and ceiling still looks flat (vscimone)

DANGER DANGER: Moving MSFS Can Cause You Major Headaches:
We have been chasing our tails the past few weeks trying to determine why a handful of users are having problems running our installer, and problems installing liveries. We nailed this problem down after a tremendous amount of research and coordination with affected customers and discovered that some users have moved the installation location of MSFS using guidance provided by Microsoft themselves, along with an application moving tool. This tool does HORRIFIC things to the path names, and cause the total pathname for the installation to bump up on 200+ characters in length, which when combined with the pathing information for the DC-6 causes the entire path to exceed the 260 character limit which is native to Windows 10.

To try and improve customer experience, we found some places where we could shorten the path names in the DC-6 slightly, and that is reflected in this build,Β however: The process of using the MS guidance and tool to change the installation location of MSFS will push the user right up to the brink of the 260 character limit and there is very little else we can do to pare down the path names since most of them are taken up by the combination of the windows reposition tool and MSFS combined. For this reason, we strongly encourage users NOT to use the move-tool, but instead if you find it necessary to move the location of your MSFS install- we hope you will consider uninstalling and reinstalling the simulator, as this will lead to a better, more consistent outcome for your expansion products.

This problem is not unique to PMDG as it affects all developers in both aircraft and scenery. Short of coming up with single letter path names or using 8bit paths like us (really) old time computer users remember- there is just not much that can be done. If you have run into this problem and you need guidance, our support team is happy to help you resolve it the right way in order to ensure you have the most problem-free user experience possible- as that is our primary goal in this recommendation.

Okay- I think that covers it for this week. To all of our American customers, Happy Independence Day. To our UK friends: “ptphpthpthpthpthtphtphppthpthtp!”Β 

We hope you all have many adventures flying the DC-6 this weekend. Don’t be afraid to throw an image or two over here so that we can see how and where you are enjoying our airplane!

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