Model Instruments – Kai Tak 1998 (VHHX) MSFS

Hmmm… dank zij het team van Model Instruments kunnen we in MSFS terug in de tijd. We zouden de uitdagende checkerboard approach (IGS13 Approach) weer kunnen vliegen?. Voor een kleine € 15,- beschikbaar via simMarket. Met een behoorlijk lange lijst van highlights.

Highlights of the scenery:

  • The modelled state reflects the last days of operation in July 1998.
  • As the USS Abraham Lincoln arrived in Hong Kong on July 4, 1998, the displayed scenery matches the reality at one single day: July 5, 1998, the day before Kai Tak was closed.
  • Airport shorelines designed as 3D models for maximum realism. Like on an aircraft carrier, the runway and the taxiways are elevated considerably above the water level.
  • Totally four aircraft bridges carefully crafted as 3D models.
  • Cheering spectators are crowding the parking house
  • The long bridge between South Apron and Taxiway B1 has a length of more than 250m and has modelled the shallow ramps from both sides meeting in the middle. Taxiing over it you need to apply power on the first half and then brakes on the second half!
  • The Kai Tak Nullah (River) flows in a 3D riverbed right through the middle of the airport. As in reality, 10 bridges in total are crossing the Kai Tak River.
  • Subtle modelling of the shallow waters around the runway.
  • The old East Apron layout (as it was prior the 1992 expansion) is visible by slightly different colored asphalt.
  • As no aerial imagery in today standards exist from the airport, a hand drawn image is used as airport background with a resolution of more than 30kx30k-pixel.
  • Custom painted lines for taxiway.
  • IGS 13 instrument approach with displaced DME to correctly indicate the runway threshold after the turn.
  • 1998-era model of the USS Abraham Lincoln anchored in Victoria Harbour.
  • The carrier has a landable flight deck and an open hangar deck below, through which you can fly!
  • As a “not really realistic but fun”-challenge, you can e.g. take off with from the long bridge to the East, turn left by 270 degrees and fly under the bridge, then turn to the West towards the USS Abraham Lincoln, fly at 40ft altitude through the aft hangar opening from one side to the other side of the carrier’s hull and then turn to land on the carrier!
  • Further tips for fantastic flights: fly with a small plane over Victoria Harbour 40 minutes after sunset to get one of most spectacular experiences in MSFS
  • Besides the already thrilling IGS 13 approach, try the VISUAL STEP DOWN RWY13 approach starting at Tathong-point: an approach which lead you once around Hong Kong Island using nothing but your eyes and rudder and stick!
  • Realistic approach lights placed on the roof of the social club at the Durham Road.
  • (Static) trains have been added on the noticeable KCR East Rail-line, which marks the begin of the final turn on IGS 13.
  • Fully scripted SID’s and STAR’s in compliance with the charts from
  • Thousands of Kai Tak images were reviewed as baseline for modelling. Many rare photographs showed details in sparsely documented parts of the airport.
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