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Ook nu in MSFS vliegen met je instructeur naast je. Dat is mogelijk dankzij FSInventions, die nu ook al enige tijd  met FSFlyingSchool voor MSFS zijn uitgekomen. En nu ook beschikbaar op simMarket. En deze komende week met een leuke korting. Dus wees er op tijd bij.

From the Cessna 152 to the Boeing 747 – welcome your new instructor aboard!


  • Your own personal instructor evaluating every aspect of your flying technique and scoring each phase of flight with information you can use to fly better.
  • A comprehensive log book recording the good and bad points of each flight.
  • Compete with the rest of the Web to prove your flying skills are the best of the best.
  • A team of Flight Instructors who talk to you, giving you immediate, detailed advice on your flying technique.
  • Works with 26 popular aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 including several add-ons – and the list keeps growing!
  •  Unique scoring system rates all phases of flight: taxi, take off, cruise, approach, landing and much more.
  • Fly a whole flight or just practice landings – you always receive a detailed score.
  • Your flights and their scores are tracked in full detail in your own FSFlyingSchool logbook.
  • Submit your best scores to the FSFlyingSchool web site to show off your flying skills to the rest of the world.
  • Focuses on airmanship and recording your achievements. Track your progress as you improve; take satisfaction from doing difficult things correctly.
  • An extra level of detailed instruction is included for the beloved Cessna 152 and Cessna 172. You’ll hear spoken checklists and will soon be familiar with details like carburetor heat, alternator, primer and much more.
  • Autopilot operation is a deep subject and your instructor will get you up and running in no time.
  • FSFlyingSchool’s Career Analyzer graphic display examines over 70 different aspects of the pilot’s performance.
  • Instructor knows how important weather considerations are and will have lots to say about each day’s flying weather.
  • Highest scores come from good airmanship, often in challenging weather, with the least automation, but you can fly at whatever level is comfortable.
  • From a Cessna 172 landing in a thunderstorm to an FMC controlled flight in a Boeing 747, FSFlyingSchool can handle them all.
  • Instant tests of your airmanship: ask the instructor to immediately test your skills during a flight already in progress.
  • File a flight plan; follow it carefully to score more points.
  • Large selection of options allow you to configure FSFlyingSchool your way.
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