Flight Control Replay – v4.5 April Update

Eigenlijk zegt dit bijgeplaatste plaatje alles wel. Fabio Merlo heeft een (gratis) update uitgebracht voor zijn Flight Control Replay software. Geschikt voor in MSFS, P3D & FSX.


  • VR Support : Now FlightControlReplay can be used also in all VR Environments via key mapping AND for Windows Mixed Reality Headset. You can also run FlightControlReplay directly into the cockpit and you can see FCR User Interface for full use!
  • Automatic Change Camera using Keyboard Shortcut configuration : Call and activate any custom cockpit camera, smartcam or other default MSFS / P3D camera by choosing a keyboard shortcut in Camera Change dialog ! Setup the keyboard shortcut, that you configured in “MSFS Controls section”, inside the CameraChange Dialog and this will be be triggered at the chosen frame. When Replay reaches this frame, FCR triggers the keyboard shortcut and automatic activates the Camera Change that you set.
  • Continuous Loop” playing optionadded to P3D, like we did for MSFS
  • Always On Top overlay option (added to P3D like in MSFS version)
  • FCR Option Dialog harmonization between MSFS and P3D versions
  • Various bug fixes ( Runway Sink, No stutter etc)

Official website : https://flightcontrolreplay.wordpress.com/

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