ToLiSS – A321 Update v1.21 (X-Plane)

En weer een kleine update voor de ToLiss A321, meer een bug fix zoals ze zelf zeggen. Echter toch met een paar nieuwe features.

Here is the complete list of changes for this update:
Changes from build 1290 (V1.2) to build 1295 (V1.2.1)
Minor new features:
– Oil quantity now decreases when the engine is running and increases when engine is stopped and all the oil accumulates in the sump.
– Crew oxygen is now consumed if you breath through the oxygen mask.
– Added AP TCAS mode for the A321 NEO
– Added Soft Go Around mode for the A321 NEO
– NEO specific cockpit changes: DDRMI disappears and ECON FLOW switch is replaced by Pack Flow switch, if a NEO engine is selected.
– Aircraft registration is now in a separate object (selcal.obj) with separate texture to easily adapt the registration to custom liveries
– Added Minimum and 100 above callouts for MDA/Baro minima
Bug fixes:
– PW Dual Cooling: The engine start will now only resume once both engines finished the cooling cycle
– A321 NEO will deflect ailerons up with ground spoilers independent of the Florence Kit setting.
– Rollout mode will now only disengage once you leave the runway
– Availability of ENG data on SD page depends on FADEC for NEO engines (on CEO engines, these pass directly through SDAC, on NEO they pass through FADEC)
– Aural alert volume does not reset to full on its own anymore.
– Added dry cranking sequence to LEAP engine
– Nosewheel animation deflects correctly now when using better pushback
– Unless in SRS mode, managed speed target cannot be less than green dot/s-speed or f-speed anymore even if there are flight plan constraints requesting less – it’s the same in real life.
– 3d model fixes.
– Reduced crackling sound on NEO engines, improved whale and external startup sound for the PWG engines
– Windshield wiper volume now blends with cockpit sounds slider as it should.
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