Aerosoft Aircraft – CRJ 550/700 (MSFS)

De CRJ 550/700 begint al aardig vorm te krijgen. Bedoeld voor in MSFS. Hieronder nog een foto van de W&B graphic:

We have decided on pricing:

  • The CRJ 550/700 will cost €42 (plus your local vat when applicable).
  • The CRJ 900/100 will cost €16.75 (plus your local vat when applicable).
    The CRJ 900/1000 will require the  CRJ 550/700 to be installed on the system. 

The product will sell on our shop and will be uploaded to the MS InGame Store at the same time. When it will be available there depends on how fast Microsoft can handle it. It is at this moment not planned to be sold on any other shop.

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