OpusFSI Beta Version 6.14.2

U kunt voor in FSX/Prepar3D een beta versie proberen van de software OpusFSI. En er schijnt ook al een MSFS versie te zijn. Meer info via de download pagina.

OpusFSI Beta Version 6.14.2 is now available for download on our website.

Download from http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi/downloads.htm
Using the link http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi/OpusFSI_v6142_Beta.msi

The DHM status is now reported in the main Spy window each time the window is opened (apart from if opened before establishing a connection to the simulator). If Live Camera is Disabled and General DHM Enabled the report will look something similar to,
 GEN  DHM Enabled DHM Thread ACTIVE and Running DOF Thread ON
GEN  View 0 Camera N/A Turbulence 0 Throttle 2456
With Live Camera Enabled and a valid camera view selected the report will look something like,
 GEN  DHM Enabled DHM Thread ACTIVE and Running DOF Thread ON
GEN  View 0 Camera 4, Legacy – Captain Turbulence 0 Throttle 0
Note, the DOF Thread is only activated when DHM needs to adjust the eye point.
In addition to the above the system will detect and report in the Spy window all changes to the DHM and DOF Thread status. This can be tested simply using the simulator’s Add-On Menu. Select OpusFSI Open Spy Window to display the main Spy window, then use the OpusFSI Head Movements -> Disable abd Enable DHM options. Each change to the DHM status should be reported in the Spy window.
If required you can leave the Spy window open during flight in which case you may find it helpful to set the Spy Opacity to 70 percent in the Spy window’s Options.
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