Weather Force 2020 – Technical Update 1.2 has been released

Voor de software Weather Force 2020 is een update uitgekomen. Onder de naam “Technical Update v1.2”. Deze software is te verkrijgen via simMarket. Meer info over de update hier. Altijd goed dat er updates c.q. aan de bugs wordt gewerkt. Maar serieus: Bob Ross Happy Clouds toegevoegd…. huh.

Technical Update 1.2 of REX Weather Force 2020 has been officially released.
The following is a list of the fix items associated with this release:
  •          FIXED – Multiple cloud layer decks now rendering properly.
  •          FIXED – Registration process, to avoid having to re-enter registration criteria.
  •          FIXED – Tightened weather synthesis grid to locate closer airports.
  •          FIXED – Reduced thickness of low level overcast cloud layers.
  •          FIXED – Increased font of METAR and TAF reports on main interface.
  •          IMPROVED – Fog rendering when no clouds are reported on the METAR.
  •          ADDED – Support for Pilot2ATC.
  •          ADDED – Option to disabled Aerosol synthesis during weather injections.
  •          ADDED – 4 additional Dynamic Weather Presets: Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Rainy Day and Bob Ross Happy Clouds.
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