ProSim737 – version 3.00

Afgelopen weekend is versie 3.00 uitgekomen van deze professionele cockpit software voor de B737 cockpit bouwers. In dit forum topic kunt u de update instructies volgen. En zeer verrassend betreft een gratis update ! Download link.

What’s new about V3.0:

  • ProSimMCP and ProSimPanel were removed. MCP is embedded into the system and panels are available via ProSimDisplay with full functionality, if provided by the system side.
  • ProSimDisplay is now D2D only
  • Fully compatible with SimConnect
  • New ProSimIOS
  • New file naming
  • New flight model with enhanced visual features
  • New ProSim Module for P3D
  • New maint options in the CDU, like door control and W&B page with weight and CG info
  • New FMS code
  • New VNAV/LNAV underlying engine
  • Offset functionality
  • New ILS autopilot mode
  • New GA autopilot mode
  • New LNAV/VNAV autopilot modes
  • Improved route drawing and tracking
  • Decel markers on ND
  • LEVEL SEGMENTS (T/D: nnnnn) on the ND
  • Support for FDS Ethernet hardware
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