Review – Brampton Ontario Canada – New GA Scenery Product

Een review over deze ook deels freeware scenery. Voor in MSFS, het General Aviation airfield “Brampton Ontario Canada”. De maker is Roman Bershadski, RomanDesign. Meer info hieronder en uiteraard op zijn website.

Hello folks and welcome to yet another REVIEW video! This is a truly wonderful little scenery that recreates a beautiful General Aviation Airfield located in the heart of the Canadian countryside, not far from the city of TORONTO and within easy reach of dozens of other small GA airfields for you to discover and explore! This new product, produced by Developer ROMAN BERSHADSKI, lead developer at ROMANDESIGN, is a real gem of a scenery, well put together and set in some of the loveliest country I have seen so far in FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020. The scenery under review here is Version 1.1 of the PRO product. There is also a LITE Version which is FREE! This Airfield is somewhat unique in that it is owned and operated by the BRAMPTON FLYING CLUB and has the distinction of being the BUSIEST Uncontrolled General Aviation airfield in Canada by the number of flights. Like many of the new additions for MSFS2020, this product completely overhauls the default airport in a way that just beggers belief! In this video, I take an up close and personal look at the location, the airport and the detail to be found within this very excellent piece of work. I really like it – and what’s more I was amazed to see the beauty of the countryside in which it is located!! You can enjoy many happy flying adventures into and out of this airport, exploring all the many GA airfields that can be found close by. Music in part licenced to me by FESLIYAN STUDIOS. Thank you for watching. Enjoy!

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