FS2Crew Weekend Update – 14 November 2020

FS2crew heeft de afgelopen dagen niet stil gezeten en heeft een aardige opsomming van hun weekend nieuws. Toch wel weer benieuwd naar hun punt 5, Secret Project.

Here’s a summary of FS2Crew news for 14 November 2020;

1. UGCX – We haven’t forgotten about you!  A public beta of Version 2.3 is now available on request only.  Please see the UGCX sub-forum at Avsim.com for details.

2. Pushback Express – This is currently our most popular product.  People love the new Ground Service vehicles functionality and Voice Control option!  When we first released Pushback Express, some people complained it didn’t have enough features for the price.   Fair enough.  But my response was always this: There’s going to be a lot of free updates, and we’ve made good on that promise!

Voice Control and the ability to control the ground service vehicles is pretty big.  And more updates are coming!  In fact, we showed a small preview of our new airport worker model created using Motion Capture, and he looks great.  We will have animated passengers and workers in the sim as soon the SDK allows it.

The best part about Pushback Express is it just works.  You’ll notice our support forum for Pushback Express is very quiet.  That’s because the program has no bugs and it doesn’t require any complex setup with aircraft profiles, etc.

It’s what a pushback program should be:  No fuss.  No hassles.  Just get the job done.  No 100 page manualNo headaches.

3. Flight Crew A320 – We’ve updated this to Version 1.2.  It’s a small update.  It basically fixes a small bug in the Approach Checklist.

4. What about Voice Control for the Airbus? – We can do voice control in MSFS easily now. Next week I’ll be focusing on a Voice Control version.

5. Secret project –  TBA soon!


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