QualityWings – B787 Dreamliner 2021 (MSFS )

Goed nieuws van het QualityWings team. Er wordt hard gewerkt aan de B787 Dreamliner voor in MSFS. Het kan even duren, er wordt gesproken over het 2e kwartaal van 2021.

Dear all,
Here we are well into the last quarter of a year that felt like 3 full years already. With all the challenges that life has presented us in all kinds of different ways this year, we do hope that all of you are doing well and staying safe.
The year 2020 is a totally different one when looking at it from a Flight Simulation perspective.
Asobo and Microsoft have delivered a truly remarkable piece of software and we’re thrilled to see the Flight Simulator franchise return.
While we have been actively testing the pre-release versions of the new sim since early 2020, it has really only been with the last few iterations of the SDK that things have started to take shape.
As with everything new it took us a while to become familiar with the sim, the tools, the processes, the limitations and the new possibilities.
We wanted to take that time before making an announcement of any kind because of the many unknowns we’ve been confronted with.
Anyways, a couple of months have passed and we’re happy to show an initial glimpse of our work-in-progress of the Ultimate 787 for MSFS.
Due to the amount of things that need to be completely reworked as well as several dependencies on the SDK, we currently estimate a release in Q2 2021.
Although we are in development for MSFS, we are still working on improvements and fixes for the current P3D/FSX versions of the 787.
Anyways, enjoy the screenshots and stay safe,
your QualityWings team



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