Realworld Scenery – Dayton Ohio (KDAY) P3Dv5

Nu even de grote plas over. Naar het Amerikaanse vliegveld “James M. Cox – Dayton International Airport! (KDAY).” Het team van Realworld Scenery zou hier 4 jaar aan gewerkt hebben ! Middels eigen ervaringen, foto’s gemaakt. En nu ook omgezet naar Prepar3D v5. Ook weer verkrijgbaar via simMarket met korting voor de vorige bezitters van deze scenery.

– Update 1 adds..

  • Completely new highly detailed Jetways for all gates with 3D numbering
  • New diamond saw cut Runway textures for 6R-24
  • New models for the eastside business district and air show gates
  • Southeast hangars – Corporate Flight Alternatives and Aviation Sales Inc
  • Custom designed hangar in Aviation Sales inc hangar area, with lounge area and wall decor (start your flight in your GA Aircraft here!) select “parking 1” when starting a flight

these new features are a complementary update and have been added to the following features……

  • Fully compatible and blended with FTX Global openLC North America
  • Ground polygons made with the requirements of the SDK Prepared 3D
  • Optimized Dynamic lighting for the entire airport
  • High resolution ground textures – Custom Runways, Aprons & Taxiways
  • Surrounding area with custom handplaced autogen
  • AI traffic compatible with accurate AFCAD file
  • 3D lighting models for taxiways and aprons
  • Automatic Season change for vegitation and surrounding area
  • High resolution photo base image
  • Airport grounds covered with volumetric grass/weeds
  • Highly detailed buildings designed and optimized for P3DV5
  • New ground techniques using specular and bump mapping for reflections
  • Many photos of the buildings taken with a real camera
  • This airport is as close to the real thing as we could get it!
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