FS2Crew – Weekend News 17 oktober 2020

Het weekend nieuws van FS2Crew valt niet eenvoudig samen te vatten er is aardig wat nieuws van dit team. Hier onder even geknipt en geplakt. En als reminder, een aantal software titels zijn via simMarket ook verkrijgbaar.

FS2Crew Weekends News! (www.fs2crew.com) We have a lot to cover today!
1. Pushback Express: Voice Control is completed! This free update was delayed a bit because we wanted to add a ‘Push-to-Talk’ option.
In Pushback Express, you can speak in English (US, UK, AU), French, Spanish and German.
ETA: Probably for the public release: as soon as we finish the training video. So soon! Remember, it’s a free update!
2. FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II: Updated to Version 1.7. Change Log is in the FS2Crew forum.
3. FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX-U. Updated to Version 1.6. Change Log is in the FS2Crew forum.
4. FS2Crew: QualityWings 787. Version 1.3 is under going testing. Biggest change is we added Voice Sets options that do “not” use the headset filter effect. We also fixed a small bug.
5. Flight Crew A320. We’re hoping to shortly have good solid integration with the freeware A320NX project so you can have a FO who can do all his flows (basically be able to press buttons).
Reminder: You should all be using the A320NX in FS2020. It’s much better than the default bus. In fact, the A320NX will probably be the officially supported plane for Flight Crew A320, rather than the default Airbus.
Since we have voice control working in FS2020, we’ll also be working on a voice control version of Flight Crew A320
6. The new CRJ. No bugs have been reported! So nothing to update! My dream of a bug free release seems to have been realized in our new CRJ!
Have a nice weekend!
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