FSDreamTeam – Key West Intl. Airport (KEYW) MSFS v1.1

Deze promo video over de nieuwe scenery van FSDreamTeam, het vliegveld Key West Intl. Airport (KEYW), gelegen op het zuidelijkste puntje van Florida, begint toch wel heel mooi. Wat een details ! Zonde om daar alleen maar met een grote airline aan te komen. Een korte helivlucht kan ik ook wel aanraden. Bekijk ook de overige screenshots nog maar eens via simMarket. Overigens heeft deze scenery ook een kleine update ondergaan.


  • Made specifically for MSFS 2020, not a conversion.
  • Highly detailed 3D buildings.
  • Latest generation graphic, using only PBR materials
  • Several animated people.
  • Full Dynamic Lighting
  • Interiors simulated with the MSFS exclusive and fps-friendly Parallax Window mapping

En nog wat info omtrent de update:
We are pleased to announce an update to our Key West scenery for MSFS 2020, which features the following improvements:

• Ft. Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park added.
• Loggerhead Island with Lighthouse added.
• Added F/A-18 of the VF-106 Strike Fighter Squadron at Key West NAS.
• Added extra details to Key West NAS. Removed GA parking spots and replaced with Mil parking spots.
• Added vegetation and swamps around the Key West runway.
• Background aerial image better color matching to the surrounding scenery.
• Removed default Windsock.
• Added custom Landmarks POIs, a new feature allowed by MSFS update.

The update can be obtained by running the FSDT Live Update, if you purchased from the FSDT website or from simMarket. We also sent the update to Microsoft for verification and release, so it will be available on the MS Marketplace soon.

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