Plan-G – Beta v4 Alpha Build 228 (MSFS/P3Dv5)

Voor deze freeware planner is nu Alpha Build 228 beschikbaar. Uiteraard weer via een download in het geregistreerde forum gedeelte.

v4.0.0 (build 228)
* Fixed Split bar in Plan window not working
* Fixed incorrect drawing of flight plan crossing the date line
* FSX/P3D Export button text now includes MSFS
* Quick Plan dialog now gives range and bearing to destination
* Added map provider logging
* Yet more locations added in search of the ever-hiding locPak
* Fixed rounding error on calculated distances sometimes
* Fixed Ribbon bar did not minimise correctly
* Simconnect dll now included
* Added support for Navigraph MSFS navdata
* Removed redundant Steam path from db configuration
* Various UI text changes
* Addon Manager dialog for managing ImportantAddons.txt and Addons.txt files (still needs some polish)
* Fixed build database flags not cleared on reentering the dialog
* Added support for X-Plane 11 8.33KHz comm frequencies

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