De legendarische MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” (P3D)

De legendarische MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” komt binnenkort uit voor Prepar3D. Verwachting is in oktober 2020. Eerst voor Prepar3D en grote kans ook voor MSFS. U kunt nu al meedoen met beta testen. Interesse, klik dan gauw hier. Met ook nog veel meer info.

GKS presents a new add-on for prepar3D v4 & 5. The main feature of add-ons from GKS is an incredibly high level of elaboration of the visual model, attention to the smallest details and the implementation of aircraft systems, which allows you to feel the maximum degree of realism in flights in Prep3D.

  • Cockpit systems and instruments are made with maximum realism.
  • All basic operations are based on and follow the original MiG-21 Bis Pilot’s Manual.
  • Full-featured autopilot with 5 unique flight and navigation modes.
  • The radio navigation equipment simulates the real avionics of the Mig21 and allows you to fly in any weather.
  • Cockpit lighting makes night flights comfortable and interesting.
  • Fully functional weapons system, with a various type of ammunition.
  • Incorrect operation can lead to an emergency (engine fire due to improper start, battery freezing, etc.)
  • And much more…
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