FS2Crew – Flight Crew A320 v1.1

De FS2Crew software voor de A320 (Button Control) heeft nu een update naar versie 1.1. Uiteraard zijn vele titels van de FS2Crew software ook verkrijgbaar via simMarket.

Lees ook nog even onderstaande opmerking van FS2Crew zelf:
“Also, we’re advising people to use the new freeware A320NX project in FS2020; it’s a big improvement over the default Airbus!”. Zoals wij hier op simFlight.NL ook al eerder aangaven.

Change Log
Version 1.1.
Release Date: 3 September 2020

  • New: Option to auto reopen the FS2Crew Main Panel if, when using a single monitor, the FS2Crew window gets automatically hidden when you put the Flight Simulator window in focus.
  • New: Option to select the model you are using (A318 to A330).  This will load the associated Max Flap Speed values (VFE) for the selected aircraft. You can select NONE to disable the VFE speed check when calling for flaps during the approach phase.
  • New: Option to set the Engine Start Sequence (1 then 2 instead of 2 then 1).
  • New: A text label has been added to the Main Panel indicating if the FS2Crew Main Panel is (or is not) in focus.  If you wish to use the available Hotkeys to trigger the Main and Secondary button, the FS2Crew Main Panel must ‘not’ be in focus since these events are detected by the simulator itself, and in order for the simulator to be able to detect an event, it must be in focus.
  • Fixed: When starting the engines, the mode will no longer jump to takeoff mode.
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