XPRealistic v2.1.1 Update

De software XPRealistic heeft gisteren een update ondergaan naar v2.1.1.

Version 2.1.1

Released on July 1st, 2020

  • Profile cloud – share or download others profiles
  • Control panel to retain last position
  • Stick shaker effect to actually shake the stick / yoke on stall
  • Reverse thrust sound files got amplified – you may need to readjust volume slider
  • Reverse thrust effect sound files extended to 1 min
  • UI tweaks to vertically align UI elements
  • Multi monitor window position improvement
  • Blade slapping effect improvement – you may need to readjust your volume / movement slider
  • FIX Blade slapping to be heard while on ground with engine off
  • FIX Typo in gorund roll effect description
  • FIX Control panel stays open when switching between aircraft
  • FIX 2D Panels are flickering / not visible
  • FIX Font letters show as white blocks (read the manual for how to fix)
  • FIX When X-Plane native TrackIR is on, camera shakings are going crazy
  • FIX When X-Plane native TrackIR is on, arrows / quick views are not working
  • FIX Engine stable RPM effect exaggerated vibrations with FF A350
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