A320 Type Rating – Climb, Cruise, Descent, Approach, Landing

En laten we vooral deel 4 niet vergeten in deze A320 Type Rating serie.

Welcome to the fourth episode of Threshold’s new A320 Type Rating series, with Pascal, a real-world Airbus pilot.

In this episode, we’ll run through:

0:00 – Introduction
0:10 – Top of Climb & Cruise
18:45 – Descent
30:48 – Final Approach
37:50 – Touchdown
38:56 – Taxi
50:30 – Shutdown
55:35 – Securing the Aircraft

The aircraft spotlighted in this series is the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate.

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only and must not be used for real flight instruction or real flight operations. Pascal is not a CFI, SFI or TRI/ TRE. The procedures, checklists, and briefings are in no way related to a specific company and should only be seen as a general example of how to operate this aircraft.

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