XPRealistic v2.1 Update

Sérgio had het er al over, XPRealistic voor X-Plane. Deze software heeft nu een update naar versie 2.1.

Version 2.1.0

Released on June 21st, 2020

  • NEW Improved surface turbulence effect
  • NEW Improved blade slapping effect
  • NEW Improved engine vibration stable RPM while on idle
  • FIX Some users can’t activate getting invalid key error
  • FIX X-Plane crashes when using some of JAR aircraft
  • FIX X-Plane crash on exit
  • FIX Compatibility issues with X-Plane’s native TrackIR support
  • FIX Compatibility issues with xPilot
  • FIX Plugin menu entry name changed from enabled/disabled to enable/disable
  • FIX Plugin menu entry “enabled/disabled” is inconsistent
  • FIX Compatibility issues with SmartCopilot
  • FIX Violent shaking from engine stable RPM effect for many aircraft addons
  • FIX Compatibility issues with PilotEdge
  • FIX Speed brake effect preview works while effect itself not on some aircraft addons
  • FIX Ground effect runs on FF763 even when already on the ground
  • FIX Compatibility issues with some of Just Flight aircraft
  • FIX XPRealistic window not showing when using multi monitor setups
  • FIX Font issue causing text to be not readable (not verified)


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