Parallel 42 – ChasePlane v1.2

ChasePlane komt uit met versie 1.2. Met hieronder de updates. Met deze software kan je verschillende camera standpunt aanmaken in je Flightsim. Ideaal voor piloten die hun vluchten filmen. ChasePlane wordt exclusief verkocht via ORBX. //24

Here’s a detailed list of changes to Cinematics

  • Cinematic Mode is now known as Cinematics.
  • Cinematics now has a dedicated section. Options you would typically find in Preferences are now grouped under that section.
  • You can now choose to include On-Board, and Outside camera presets in the Cinematic sequence from the new Cinematics section.
  • An option was added to mute simulator sounds while in Cinematics, allowing you to enjoy visuals without the sound disturbance. *cough* audio engine flaws of Prepar3D
  • We revamped the mathematics behind Cinematics to give you a refreshing look at your aircraft.
  • Cinematics can now be enabled/disabled from the Cinematics, Camera, and Presets sections as well as via the Control Assignments.
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