ProSimA320 – Version 1.36

De software voor de A320 bouwers van ProSim heeft een update ondergaan naar versie 1.36.
Lees er meer over hier.

June 8 Release version 1.36
– Fixed step descend to the same altitude as initial cruise altitude gets deleted
– Fixed alternate time in INIT B not calculating
– Improvements in single-engine SRS mode
– Improvements on engine out MCDU/FMS logic

– Fixes to hot air valve
– Fixed IDG low oil pressure ECAM warning when the engine fails
– Fixed hot air valve disagree ECAM on cold startup
– Disconnect IDG when temperature over 200

– Added MCDU to ProsimDisplay
– Smooth Vls based on actual flap position instead of detent
– Don’t show A/C symbol during light-test

– Added failure view and removal to MCDU MAINT menu
– Added door control to MCDU MAINT menu
– Added missing APPROACH label to PROG page in approach phase

– Added support for NWS disconnect button to FSC driver and fixed F/O locking solenoid in FSC sidestick

– Fix for IVAO/Squawkbox FSUIPC xpdr information not getting through

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