FS2Crew – QualityWings 787 Version 1.1

De FS2Crew software voor de QualityWings 787 is ook geupdate naar versie 1.1. Met 5 euro korting voor al FS2Crew bezitters.
Use coupon code: NEW787 to get 5 Euros off if you’ve ever owned an FS2Crew before!

En hier nog even een overzicht van vele FS2Crew titels.

Welcome aboard, 787 Captain!

Meet your NEW flight crew for the best 787 simulation ever created for FSX and P3D – The QualityWings 787!
Make your 787 flights more realistic and immersive with FS2Crew’s new flight crew addon designed specificially for the 787!
Featuring the power of VOICE and BUTTON CONTROL, take your 787 to the next level!
Designed in close consulation with a real-world 787 First Officer, FS2Crew for the 787 is a “must-have” for all serious 787 simmers!

Product Requirements:

  1. Quality Wings 787 for FSXP3D V4 or V5 (QW 787 Service Pack 3 or later required)
  2. If using Voice Control, you must be able to set your Speech Recognizer to English US, UK, AU, CA or IN
  3. If using Voice control, a microphone
  4. If you are unable to do Voice Control, you may use Button Control


  • Voice and Button Control options
  • Procedures modelled on real-world 787 procedures from a current 787 First Officer
  • Seemless integration with the Electronic Checklist System and the aircraft
  • Real 787 Checklists and Flows
  • Multiple config options for flight customization
  • Turn-arounds
  • FA and ground crew integration
  • Cabin PAs
  • Various approach profiles and Missed Approaches
  • Turn-arounds/Thru-Flights
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