A320 Type Rating – MCDU Setup & Before Start

U had sowieso deel 2 nog te goed over een serie van Pascal over de A320. De MCDU Setup en wat er moet gebeuren voordat de motoren gestart kunnen worden. Ga er wel even rustig voor zitten 1 uur en 46 minuten. Desnoods plant u even een pauze tussendoor. U kunt Pascal ook volgen op Twitch.

Welcome to the second section of Threshold’s new A320 Type Rating series, with Pascal, a real-world Airbus pilot.

In this episode, we’ll run through:
0:00 – Introduction
5:27 – MCDU Setup
54:17 – The Oxygen Flow
1:02:18 – Weight & Balance/Performance Calculations
1:25:58 – Normal Briefing
1:34:03 – Emergency Briefing
1:38:32 – Before Start Checklist

The aircraft spotlighted in this series is the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate.

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only and must not be used for real flight instruction or real flight operations. Pascal is not a CFI, SFI or TRI/ TRE. The procedures, checklists, and briefings are in no way related to a specific company and should only be seen as a general example of how to operate this aircraft.

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