Zibo 737-800X – Update naar v3.41 (X-Plane 11)

Voor de gratis Zibo Mod B737-800X is er een update uitgekomen. Nu naar versie 3.41. U kunt deze hier downloaden alsmede ook de manual in PDF. Hieronder nog even de items mbt de update:

  • fixed critical bug in obj file (issue no wings)
  • corrected AP, FD, MCP, FMC and some systems by input RL pilot
  • corrected ND and ISFD include ISFD bootup sequence
  • corrected landing gear struct damp
  • add checklist file for Xchecklist plugin – Thanks to @vin_KaiZen (Terra-Fly.eu)
  • corrected and improved systems (fuel temperature, window temperature, flameout,…)
  • add standalone option for sync ISDF Baro – OFF/Captain/First Offcier (see EFB)
  • add option INIT REF SMART (on/off) in EFB
  • add option Flight director HDG SEL for Takeoff (on/off) in EFB
  • transfered and optimised xlua script files to c++ code (annunciates.lua, aniice.lua, cabin.lighting.lua, comms.lua, fire.lua, gear.lua, chrono.lua, lighting.lua, switches.lua, systems.lua, trim.lua)
  • fixed code for shift CG (dynamic CG)
  • fixed bugs
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