IVAO – Pilot Client Altitude v1.9.17b

De Pilot Client van IVAO heeft een update naar versie 1.9.17b. Deze versie was al compatible met Prepar3D v5 maar nu met 8.33 kHz separatie. En zo te lezen is er goed overleg geweest met de mannen van Fly the Maddog.

Version 1.9.17b
14th of May 2020

In our continuous effort to provide you – our member – the best experience, we have worked together with the Leonardo Maddog X team. With the aim to support 8.33kHz frequencies in P3Dv5. No add-on aircraft so far has been released with this new feature of P3Dv5. The Maddog X team gave us an exclusive possibility to implement this feature in Altitude with one of their beta MD-80’s!

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-316: AutoUnicom update
PILOT-318: Set Unicom radio freq & squawk 2000 only at first connect in sim session
PILOT-322: FPL caching in case of disconnect, automatic resend of last FPL
PILOT-317: PilotUI auto connect to sim at launch (if sim is already running)
PILOT-315 & PILOT-320: Async clone of CSL (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-319: Improved model matching (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-313: Fixed initial position of multiplayer traffic
PILOT-311: Fixed mirrored labels (X-Plane)
PILOT-314: CTD fixes

New Features:

PILOT-016: FollowMe feature
PILOT-080: Basic CSL included in Altitude installer for X-Plane
PILOT-317: Network check between PilotUI & PilotCore, to detect lost connections
PILOT-321: 8.33 kHz support for P3Dv5

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