ProSimA320 – Version 1.35

De software voor de A320 bouwers van ProSim heeft een update ondergaan naar versie 1.35. Lees er meer over hier.

May 12 Release version 1.35
– Reworked FMS time code. Waypoint timestamps are now continously reevaluated and wind data is mixed in more frequently
– Added RTA functionality
– Fix for broken pathing in some single bypass cases
– Updated honeywell dir-to mcdu page logic
– Added conditions for transitioning from climb directly to descend mode
– Fixed step climb changing into step descend after performing climb

– Added dest EFOB to CRZ PERF page
– Fixed incorrect FMS FOB value after startup with engines running

– Large number of failures have been tuned to provide correct ECAM SD information

– Large number of failures have been tuned in systems modeling
– New pneumatic system with fan air control and better bleed air precooler outlet temperature
– Improved ground horn control

– Completed support for Prepar3d v5
– Support for ProSimA320 Visual Model 2020 2.0.
– Support UNC path for database build.
– Fixed database build for some add-on sceneries.
– Fixed some ILS had missing DME data
– Auto-install downloaded add-ins if possible
– Added blue override pump state to IOS check items

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