DCS World ”Open Beta” uitgekomen

Eagle Dynamics is de ontwikkelaar van DCS World. Naast externe ontwikkelaars ontwikkelen ze zelf ook addons (modules genaamd) en werken ze hardstikke hard om deze sim up to date te houden en vele extra’s toe te voegen. Wekelijks komen er patches/updates uit die elke keer weer in de gigabytes lopen qua grootte. ik kan alleen maar zeggen RESPECT! Aan deze patches werken natuurlijk ook de externe ontwikkelaars mee waardoor ook hun modules up te date blijven. Vandaag is patch uitgekomen en is te downloaden via uw ”DCS World automatische updater”. Vergeet u overigens ook niet gebruik te maken van de zogenoemde ”Free Trials”? Deze normaal payware modules zijn nu nog gratis uit te proberen. Hieronder leest u alles over de eerder genoemde patch:

DCS Open Beta 2020-03-31

DCS World
ME. Fixed Statics returning the ‘Ammo’ name in ME, name can now be set correctly.
Fixed Scripting Engine bug causing Airports to return random ID’s they have been pounded back into submission and will now have the correct id number for their actual position.
ME. Adjusted Icons in ME and loadout screens to allow people to see which type of missile / ordnance they are loading when there are multiple versions of the same type.
VR. Medium water creates double vision for terrain – fixed.
VR. Fixed automatic use of headset audio for the outputs which are set to default device.
Aircraft carrier. Ejected pilot falls through all decks – fixed.
SCUD missile. Corrected skins.
MP. Added support for clients behind CG-NAT.
MP. Added packet stats to Ctrl-Pause info (up/down traffic, ping, packet loss).
Sound. Fixed theme music for ED/BST modules.
Sound. Added a sound mod example to Doc/Sounds.
Added correct drag for PGU 20 mm family and fine tuned M56 family.
Ingame rearm and refueling panel. Sliders disappear on the mouse cursor over it – fixed.
RIM-7 missile. Added self destruction after losing target.
Refactoring load images MM. Fix for some user’s that can’t run DCS.
Adjusted radio for Al Dhafra.
AGM-88. Fixed crash that appeared in some conditions.
AGM-88. Zero-lift drag decreased according to CFD research.
SARH and ARH air-to-air missiles. Crash when a missile changes target – fixed.
Cruiser Moscow. Restored functionality of AK-630 30mm guns.
If a player exits the game after ejecting he got a death in the logbook – fixed.
Crash after landing on an airfield where there is no available parking – fixed.

Known issues:
Selection of audio devices disabled while in simulation.
Performance review ongoing.

Voice chat

Clients could not talk to each other – fixed.
Game log flooded by debug messages – fixed.
Servers do not need a separate port for voice chat anymore.
Known issue: VC availability is controlled by client’s setting only, ignoring server options.

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
RWR contact display logic
RWR Brightness enabled
Magic MAV search enabled. It includes HUD TD updates..
Close Combat Mode Vertical Scan bug fix..
IP Bombing release bug fix.
Manual updated with Magic MAV search

M-2000C campaign:
Mission 05:
Chevy 11 blocked by humvee which refused to move: FIXED

Mission 12:
Messages play at the beginning of the mission: FIXED

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork
Added AAR feature (some issue, please check Deka subforum for file patch)
Added digital clock/chrono
Updated external model (Texture still WIP)
Updated cockpit model (Texture still WIP)
JF-17 AI: can turn on AAR light when operate night air refuel
AAR probe: can be installed/removed via both ME and ground crew
Updated loading image
Fixed 802AK and JSOW turn point issue
Fixed AG radar moving/static detection in MAP/SEA1 modes
Fixed UFCP/AAP button light model flickering
Fixed external fuel imbalance bug
Added radar notch (WIP)
Added DPLAYER music player (User can change # of loaded audio file in Special Option, max is 30)
Added ground crew EN voiceover (voice actor Tony Lin/409)
Added mig-19p to EWS database (M19)
Added LD-10 ins drift
Improved radar TDC elev
Improved engine response
Added MasterArm toggle binding
Adjust 3-pos SW direction: (left-click: down/bwd; right-click: up/fwd)
Adjust shake amplitude

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Improvement of console lights visibility in external view
Improvement of stairs external and internal model
Several improvements in C-101CC cockpit textures
Change from white smoke to smoke with colorant and vice-versa is now continuous, without any gap

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
FC3 Multiplayer data link ghost contacts eliminated.

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED
R4M is incorrectly located on pylons and hangs in the air – fixed.

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED
Bombs added to the next missions:
Nevada – Range Target Strike.miz,
Normandy – Airfield Attack.miz,
Persian Gulf – Anti-Shipping Strike.miz.
Payloads drag for FW 190 A8 – fixed

DCS Spitfire IX by ED
Added correct ammo for Spitfire, adjusted dispersion.

DCS P-51 Mustang by ED
Ammo belts for P-51 – corrected

DCS A-10C by ED
GAU8 dispersion corrected.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED
A-10A. GAU8 dispersion corrected.

DCS F-86F by ED
Fixed missing argument for ARN-6 tuning crank.

DCS F/A-18C by ED
Major update of the German Hornet manual.
Plane acts in a strange way and explode after multiple usage of RAlt+J – Fixed
Client aircraft doesn’t show in MSI in radar page – Fixed
Mk5 Rockets not available for the inner wing stations – Fixed

DCS F-16C by ED
Lesson 4 – Added CN localization.
Lesson 19 – Added DE Voice-Overs.
Bort number problems – Fixed

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations.
Wake turbulence off enforced.
Player’s flight engages the primary target.
Updated F-86F custom skins.

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations.
Campaign updated for the new Normandy map.
Wake turbulence off enforced.
Player’s flight engages the primary target.

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600.
Every mission, in both campaigns, has been updated in some manner. (either to address bugs, unit placement due to trees and other factors, trigger issues, etc).
NDB morse code has been corrected on numerous briefing and kneeboard pages.
Grammatical errors fixed in briefing pages (though I’m sure some still exist).

M2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon.
Mission 5: removed a truck that refused to move and blocked Chevy 12.
Mission 9: fixed an issue with B1 that stops taxiing to the active.
​Mission ​14: intercepted F-16 will now land much quicker.

A-10C The Enemy Within 3 by Baltic Dragon.
Mission 9: fixed rare instance where several different messages with the attack outcome would play
Mission 10: updated behaviour of Falcons engaging targets at the range, they should now use 3 missiles instead of 4.
Mission 13: fixed issue with Special Forces exiting target building refusing to move.
Fixed issue with enemy MANPADs not moving after spawning and staying too close to the target building.
All missions: re-saved them under 2.5.6 in order to fix possible problems with ground units not moving.

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