FSX/P3D Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Lear 25 SE v3.0 preview

De Learjet 25 is absoluut een oude bekende binnen de flightsimulator reeks. Ook kwamen er verschillende malen eentje uit van verschillende add-on ontwikkelaars. Maar nooit waren ze van het niveau als die van ontwikkelaar Xtreme Prototypes hun GLJ Lear 25 SE v3.0. Eindelijk een versie die ver boven de kwaliteit van haar voorgangers stijgt en absoluut de kwaliteit toont die je in deze tijd van een add-on mag verwachten. Wanneer ik de prijs en release datum weet laat ik het u weten. Voor nu geniet lekker van de onderstaande info en screenshots:

Version 3.0 Preannouncement:


Welcome to version 3.0 of our GLJ Model 25 Special Edition addon, our most advanced, study-level business jet simulator for Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X.

This release contains so many new features and improvements that we believe you will be thrilled by your new addon as much as we are!

Worth mentioning are four (4) new virtual cockpit configurations with retrofitted instrument panels, full 3D integration* of the GNS 530 and GTN 650/750 from Reality XP and Flight1, full 3D integration of the Rex/Milviz WX Advantage weather radar from Rex Simulations, customizable gauges to display and control third-party GPS, radars and transponders, 13 new liveries in addition to the ones from version 2.1 (23 liveries in total), interior and exterior dynamic lights compatible with the latest versions of Prepar3D®, new interior/exterior textures, a fully-functional GPU (Prepar3D®), new pilots, an updated flight manual and a new online help system, among others.

Read what’s new in version 3.0

Nicknamed “fighters in civilian clothing” because of their sleek design and amazing performance, the classic Learjet 20 Series aircraft were the first true executive jets and redefined business aviation during the 1960’s and 70’s, flying high above the weather at transonic speeds. Their capabilities earned them a place among the extreme aircraft, setting record after record. With the longer-range Gates Learjet Model 25D, from which this addon is inspired, came a longer cabin, increased seating capacity, more flexible loading options, greater fuel capacity and a rather sleek-looking stretched fuselage.

Compared to flying other business jets, the Lear 25 gives you a thrill similar to racing a performance sports car and leaving all other competitors way behind. It is fast, slim, sexy, comfortable and capable of maneuvers you would never attempt with another civilian aircraft. According to some real-world pilots, its performance as a general aviation business jet is simply unequaled, even by today’s standards!

The Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Model 25 SE is a next generation addon optimized for the latest versions of our favorite simulation platforms and designed to take advantage of the new and more powerful gaming computers and video cards that are available today. It is a complex aircraft simulator that features high resolution models and textures, hundreds of animations, over 60 sound effects, dynamic light effects, custom aircraft systems and full-3D VR-ready virtual cockpits that make this addon an ideal candidate for new virtual reality devices and applications such as FlyInside®.

Nothing was spared in our efforts to reproduce the different instrument panels, carefully modeling and animating each mechanical device with all the necessary moving parts. Except for the LCD screens and the new radio’s VFD displays, no flat 2D gauges are used in this model. Everything you see on your computer screen is in full 3D!

The result is a unique addon that strives to bring you not only the actual feeling of flying a high performance aircraft now equipped with modern avionics but also the spirit of maneuvering such a vehicle at a time when LCD screens and powerful computers didn’t exist and pilots needed to know how to fly and navigate with minimal resources and rely on their own experience, abilities and judgment.

For the general aviation desktop pilot, being able to hop between small regional airports while passing airliners along the way is quite a thrill, but for the serious IFR enthusiast, we are confident this package will provide years of flying pleasure. Even if there are some differences between this addon and the real aircraft, nearly all systems, instruments, switches and knobs are fully functional in order to simulate complete procedures, from cold and dark to shutdown.

At Xtreme Prototypes, we truly consider our addons as mini aircraft simulators. Our products take months if not years to develop and test by a dedicated and passionate team of artists, technicians and pilots. We pay attention to every detail and we do our best to make sure that we provide our users with the best flight simulation experience they can get within the limitations of the current simulation platforms. Instead of releasing many models with limited features and quality, we concentrate on only a few that we improve from version to version, motivated by the encouragement we receive from our faithful community of serious flight simmers.

Becoming one of our users makes you an important member of our development team. Version 3.0 of our GLJ Model 25 SE addon is the product of the many ideas, comments and suggestions we received from dozens of serious computer pilots like you from around the world since version 1.0 of our 20 Series business jet addon was released back in 2009. When you speak, we listen!

We wish to express our gratitude to all our users, followers, reviewers, test pilots, ex-Learjet employees, partners and friends for their contribution to the making and the success of this extreme aircraft simulator.

Thank you for your sustained interest and continuous support!

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