X-Camera V2.3.3 uitgekomen voor X-Plane V11+

Voor de gebruikers van X-Camera voor X-Plane V11+ is er nu de gratis update/versie 2.3.3. uitgekomen. Lees verder voor alle update info:

Dear Flight Sim Enthusiast,

You are receiving this email because you indicated you were interested in new releases of products from Stick and Rudder Studios.

We have completed the beta testing for X-Camera 2.3.3. This new version is a free update for all X-Camera 2.x customers. Here are the changes:

X-Camera 2.3.3

Removed the hotkey definitions for Camera Home, Zero Camera Bearing, Zero Camera Pitch, Increase Movement Speed, and Decrease Movement Speed and replaced them with equivalent commands that can be mapped to keys of your choosing
Fixed a bug where temporary positioning was not working with free cameras
Reset camera zoom when the camera is restored
Added HeadTrack range in settings
Removed check if TrackIR is in the stops
Fixed a bug where the control panel would be unresponsive when it was over the top of the Aerobask PFD
Added support for UI scaling
Fixed a bug where an error retrieving a file from the Community Files Server would cause a crash in X-Plane
Added support for RealView
Fixed a problem where scroll wheel zoom was not working on special X-Plane views like circle view
If temporary positioning is enabled the camera will now be restored after a transition is calculated. Prior versions restored the camera prior to transition calculation causing the starting camera to jump to its last saved point as the very first frame in transition.
Mimicked quick-look so that if you press the same quick look again it goes to the last camera selected before the quick look change
Improved detection of Org Store keys
Increased number of view ID’s from 25 to 50 for aircraft cameras
Added airport camera view ID’s 51 – 65
Added select airport view ID commands
Improved browse community files processing
Added integration datarefs for FlyWithLua camera control
Added the ability to momentarily select a camera by view ID

Your existing X-Camera 2.x key will work with 2.3.3. You can download the new version here:



Make a backup copy of your X-Camera folder
Do not delete your existing X-Camera folder. This will preserve your license key, airport camera files, and any settings you have saved
Unzip the X-Camera_2.3.3.zip archive to a temporary folder
Copy the resulting X-Camera folder to your X-Plane plugins folder
Example: X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins
Allow your copy utility to over-write / merge the folder contents. This will update the changed files but will preserve any keys and settings

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