Gratis ZIBO Boeing 737 v3.38 uitgekomen voor X-Plane V11+

De titel zegt het al, Hier te downloaden. Overigens vind ikzelf dit werkelijk de beste ”Freeware” addon ooit uitgegeven, voor welke sim dan ook. Een echte aanrader dus! Lees verder voor alle update info:Changelog:3.38 full realease:
– new improved flight model 3.40 by Twkster
– tuned indicated airspeed
– corrected VR hotspots and FMOD sound positions
– corrected AP, AT disconnect (AP, AT stays engaged when stick shaker is activated)
– corrected ALT ACQ
– changed code for de-ice “drag”
– add 2 variants for Chrono
– add flap 10 bug on PFD
– add ND drawing code for Fix rings/radials
– add failures rapid depress, slowly depress, outflow/L pack/R pack/isolation valves, APU/ENG1/ENG2 airbleed valves, primary/alternate pressurisation unit
– add icon for pressurisation failures (thanks to JBrik)
– add warning for experimental flight model enabled
– add Alternate destination and Nearest airports pages to FMC
– add support for Terrain Radar plugin v1.18 by DrGluck
– add option Create custom data on EFB
– improved AP servo code, LOW PRESSURE annunciates for fuel pumps, improved LVL CHG / VNAV SPD
– rewrited code for read airport data (Delete files B738X_apt.dat, B738X_rnw.dat and B738X_gate.dat for rebuild database)
– fixed add STAR/APP during fly arrival/approach
– fixed entry cruise altitude
– fixed low level AP pitch mode (LVL CHG -> V/S,…)
– fixed graphics bugs (BARO/RADIO minimum on PFD, EICAS…)
– fixed oxygen masks (captain/first officier) for higher altitude
– fixed bugs (T/D missing, TCAS – show correct distance for planes in CTR mode, DME only navaid, center fuel pumps, draw route on ND, sound for some light switches, FMC, typo…)

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