PMDG komt naar het nieuwe MSFS 2020

Preparing for Microsoft Flight Simulator: It won’t come as a surprise to learn that we are pivoting our entire development process in order to include this exciting new platform. I’m not going to focus too much on this process for today’s announcement as we have a bunch of information to share on this topic at a future date- but suffice-to-say that most of what you will read below is a cascade effect of our strategic realignment to support this new platform. We do anticipate bringing the 737, 747, 777 and DC-6 product lines into Microsoft Flight Simulator and we will share more details on that in the near future.

Het is nu officieel, PMDG komt naar de nieuwe aankomende flightsimulator van Microsoft, ook wel ”Microsoft Flightsimulator” genoemd. Daarnaast stappen ze over op alleen nog maar 64bits, ook wordt o.a. X-Plane verlaten vanaf heden wat betreft toekomstige addon ontwikkeling. Klik op dit linkje om het volledige bericht te lezen voor bovenstaande bekendmaking en meer productinfo.

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