Gratis MB-339A/PAN van Frecce Tricolori Virtuali V2.0.1 uitgekomen


Dankzij de makers ”Frecce Tricolori Virtuali” is alweer versie V2.0.1 van hun prachtige gratis MB-339/PAM jet-trainer uitgekomen, en natuurlijk te vliegen voor ons DCS World piloten. Deze module is echt van absolute payware kwaliteit en mag gewoon niet ontbreken in uw hangar 😉  Lees verder voor de update info en natuurlijk het downloadlinkje ”grazie guys!”:

Hello everybody!
MB-339 (v2.0.1) for DCS World available for downloading on

The following bugs have been fixed
1. Beacon doesn’t work
2. Fuel gauge PYL indication doesn’t show actual value
3. Rotation flood and console knobs is inverted
4. The parking brake deactivates while pushing toe brakes
5. Navigation lights on eliptical tip tanks are not visible
6. Gunsight reticle illumination too low
7. TrackIR doesn’t work
8. Unused commands are still present in controls list
9. Canopy lock texture (red mark) missed
10. The aircraft doen’t lost energy during high-G turns (G > 6.0)
11. Engine compressor texture is not mapped
12. Sync issue related to tip tanks position in multiplayer
13. Landing light animation in multiplayer doesn’t work
14. Flight controls operation while using keyboard input is too slow
15. Kneeboard doesn’t close (the pages doen’t change yet, it will be fixed)
16. MB-339 sounds replace the sounds of other DCS Modules

The following features have been added:
1. Added zoom axis
2. Added force feedback feature
3. Engine shutdown deceleration improved
4. Idle RPM are now affected by Mach Number and Altitude
5. Improvements of external and internal texture/3D model
6. Added training missions with the voice of a real pilot of Frecce Tricolori
7. Added new instant actions
8. Added new mission
9. Added instruments and console lights
10. Added shutdown engine due to negative G flight (longer than 25 seconds)
11. Added new commands into controls list
12. Improved sunspension behavior

FTV Dev Team

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